As far back as I can remember I always had a problem with my bladder and it was only as I got older that I realised just how bad it had become.
My close friends and family knew what I was like but the embarrassment was always there at work and when I met new people. A simple trip by car with my family or friends was always plotted around toilets. I think I know where every toilet is in my area, just in case I was ever caught short. I would plot toilets in service stations hotels and pubs when travelling. I even bought one of the small mobile plastic containers that can be used if you can’t find somewhere to go. Using this is another story!

I remember flying to Switzerland with a work colleague and telling him I had a nervous tummy when flying just in case he asked why I went to the loo before we boarded, during the flight and straight after landing. It had become ridiculous, my whole life revolved around my bladder. Even a simple thing like going for a walk was ruined by having to stop and run into a field for a quick wee. Driving was another problem, I lost count of the amount of stops I had to make, often an hour apart. This was made even more embarrassing if I had a work colleague with me in the car.
I even tried to restrict the amount of fluid I took thinking this would help – it didn’t. And this is something Dr Kamal explained to me.

So to say I was desperate was an understatement. I had to do something.

Not knowing a good gynaecologist wasn’t a bad thing as it made me really research very carefully. Obviously I was worried about something going wrong, the usual fears we have. I read the testimonials on
Dr. Yahya Kamal’s website and could really relate to them.

I made an appointment and was instantly at ease. Dr Kamal understood and sympathized with everything I told him. It was good to finally feel that I wasn’t the only one with this problem and it could be fixed.

After preliminary tests I opted to have a TVT – Secure Hammock procedure and I haven’t looked back. The procedure was not painful and involved an overnight stay in hospital.
My life has changed completely. I can actually go for a drive without worrying about finding a toilet field. I can exercise and travel without worrying where the nearest toilet is. Sometimes old habits die hard and I automatically think to go to the toilet before I leave the house, work etc, and then I remind my brain that actually I don’t need to go I will be fine and I always am.

Thank you Dr Kamal. You are a fantastic consultant gynaecologist and I am so glad that I found you. I would advise anyone who suffered like myself to make an appointment and start to live a normal life.
T. Doyle

I attended Dr. Kamal with a gynaecological emergency necessitating surgery. I found him to be a caring gentleman and a confident, skilled, thoughtful, respectful and personable professional. At all times he fully explained what was going on and answered any questions or concerns I had. My surgery went very well, and, as I had the procedure done via a laproscopy, my recovery was rapid. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any woman needing the care of a excellent gynaecologist.
Martina Kelly-Omollo. RGN, RM
3rd March 2014

I was referred to Dr Kamal through the Emergency Department and subsequently was operated on by him in July 2013.

During my stay in the hermitage clinic and follow up visits with Dr Kamal, I found him to  be very professional and courteous.

He ensured that all aspects of my condition and treatment were explained fully to me and that I understood the implications of same. He spent as much time taking through this as I needed and didn’t rush.   He did so in a very calm and re-assuring manner which is very important when you are receiving potentially unpleasant news.    My recovery after my surgery has been excellent with no problems.   I was extremely happy with the service I received from Dr Kamal and I would highly recommend him.

Sharon Byrne


‘For a long time I suffered very badly from urinary stress incontinence. It put huge restrictions on my lifestyle. I couldn’t even go for a walk in comfort.

After many failed treatments and attempted remedies I was referred to Doctor Kamal and met him in the Hermitage Clinic. He told me that he could perform a procedure which could cure my condition.  He explained everything about the operation, what it entailed, what the post op would be like, what the recovery time would be and the success rate.

On the day of the operation I was made very relaxed by his professional and friendly manner. I did not need a general anaesthetic and was discharged after two days.  I am happy to report that there were very little after effects. Naturally, there was some soreness for a while but it soon passed. I gradually built up my walking and now after six weeks  I am thrilled to be able to resume my 40 minute walks without any incontinence.

I bless the day I was sent to Dr. Kamal and will be ever grateful to him for removing a major blight on my enjoyment of life.

For anyone suffering from stress incontinence I would certainly recommend Dr. Kamal.’

Margaret Billings


 I first attended Dr. Kamal in September, 2012.  I found him to be very thorough, gentle and kind.  He arranged some tests, MRIs, etc., and promptly rang me with the results.  He suggested that I should have a total hysterectomy.  I had the operation on the 4th of January, and thanks to Dr. Kamal, I recovered very well from the surgery.

Dr. Kamal gave me his personal mobile phone number in case I wanted to contact him.  He is very approachable and always available.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any woman with a gynaecological or bladder problem.

Pauline Scales-Wallace